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MEGAPHONE LIVE is consulting and sport dedicated production agency. We gather the best experts, with a common approach, who mastered big events codes and the techniques of entertainment to enhance the sport show and deliver the best live experience possible.
Since 2003, we collaborate with event organizers and publishers to shake up the codes and reinvent the discipline with passion and belief.
enhance the spectator's
live experience
  • Associate the public with the biggest sport celebrations : give the audience the opportunity to become an actor of the event.
  • Welcome and inform the publics, beginners or experts, in an environment dedicated to celebration and exchange
  • Give to the publics specific keys to the event : facilitate the understanding and the reading of sports
  • Spread emotions and create a communion between the public and the actors of the sport show
  • Create a faithful public
  • Increase ticketing and merchandising sales
  • Open up to new clients
  • Increase the marketing sales by associating the sponsors & brands in the development of these services: Additional visibility, image association, target communicate to the specific audiences
  • Improve the quality of reception and the safety of the sport venues
  • Develop the appropriate identity of the event by the relevance and the quality of the show
  • Generate powerful and communicative images for the broadcasters and consequently for the televiewers